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We have had the honor of traveling to many nations. You will find pictures from our trips in the galleries below.


We ministered in Olavarria, Argentina and in the extreme south of Argentina, Lago Puelo. This is a church that meets in a tent year round, in the foothills of the Andes Mountains. 


Many miracles of healing, and a miracle in the sky!  A cloud of volcanic ash that threatened the city turned around and headed out to the Pacific Ocean as we prayed!

In Chile, they had to rent an auditorium to hold the crowd.  Many saved, healed and encouraged in the Word.


Africa is in our hearts!  We conduct open air crusades, preaching the simple Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Every night we see people responding to the Good News, receiving Jesus as their Savior.  From these crusades we plant churches that thrive and grow.  When we return, we see the fruit of our labor in lives changed forever!  


We visit many area schools during the day, giving them basic supplies and usually a treat.  We have helped build classrooms, bathrooms, and one of our latest wells is located at a school.  Children are so open to the love of Jesus, and always respond to the Gospel.  And through their witness the families are impacted.


We have seen so many miracles.  The Lord displays His grace and power as He confirms the Word preached.  Our first trip, the first day we were there we prayed for the local imam and he was healed!  The area is primarily Muslim, and we have seen so many come to Jesus.  Glory to God!


In Liberia we have taught on marriage and family and helped build a school there.  We continue to support the school and students.  The pastors conduct crusades in the area with tremendous results.


God is moving around the world.  He loves the world so much He gave His only Son.  We follow the Master as we go to the nations He loves, telling them that wonderful news.

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